Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Packet Editor Progress #3

Did some more work on it today. Hopefully, I can add Mac and Linux support next release (installing AIR on Linux is a pain in the ass, though).
I just passed the 1,000 line mark for it (1,011 right now, split between 12 classes).

Next release will have various GUI improvements (server options and possibly port options and plugin options windows, adding the ability to remove hooks).
I might fix some of the glitches with having multiple server hooks (currently, all hooked connections are routed to whichever IP is at the top of the list).

I need to add .PEW file loading at some point too, considering that PEW files will make things vastly easier for newbies trying to set up hooks for specific plugins.

I'll probably release some tutorials around the end of this week,

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