Thursday, June 14, 2012

Packet Editor Progress #2

I've been pretty busy this last week or two, but I think It's about time I posted another progress update.
I've been working on the hook, Core API's and plugin integration recently.
I figured out a better way of dealing with multiple servers (and ports) and in the final version, you will be able to hook up to 256 different servers and any number of ports on each server.
I've also fleshed out the plugin file (which will be Packet Editor Plugin files, or .pep files). I'll eventually make a program to quickly and easily make .pep files for plugins. I might post some more details on them soon.
When I get around to implementing it, I'll add Packet Editor Workspace (.pew) files , which will be written in some simple language (currently probably BASIC like) that will be able to do things like:
Unload plugins
Load plugins
Unhook servers
Hook servers
Unhook ports
Hook ports
Change various settings
This will mean that cheats for games can simply be made as one or more plugins and a PEW file so that all the end-user has to do is open the PEW file and use the plugins GUI to select options to use it. they wouldn't need to know how to use the packet editor at all. Hell, they wouldn't even need to know what a "packet" is.
Also, I installed Ubuntu on my laptop's second HDD so, the Linux version's priority has increased a bit. expect a Linux release at the same time (or before) the Mac release (probably about a month from now).

Here's a pretty picture of the current version:

I'll release a pre-alpha version in a couple weeks, probably.
It'll only be useful to programmers as it won't come with the analyzer or manipulator/filterer/editor plugins (which I haven't even started making yet), but you will be able to make and release your own.
And for those who care about open source stuff, all the plugins I make for it (including the anazyer and the manipuator) will be open source. the Core won't be, but I probably won't encrypt or obfuscate it. So, if you're desperate for the source you will probably be able to decompile it. But everyone knows that's not cool.

I think I was gonna say some other stuff, but it's getting late and I've forgotten. I might edit this if/when I remember.

Core: 60% - Core GUI: 70%, Core API: 50%, Core Hook: 70%
Plugins: 18% - Plugin integration: 70%, Packet Analyzer Plugin: 0%, Packet Manipulator Plugin: 0%

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