Friday, September 14, 2012

BPE Pre-Alpha V1.1

It's finally here!
BPE Pre-Alpha V1.1 and HTTPlugin are done.
I'm tired from programming and testing, so I'm not gonna write much.
Read the readme if you want more.

Find HTTPlugin and the latest version of BPE on the Downloads page.
get BPE Pre-Alpha V1.1 here.

I'm gonna spend any upcoming spare time to write tutorials and update the wiki.

 - changed updateWindowHook
 - added socket ID system
   - updated sendPacketHook
   - updated recievePacketHook
 - added forceRecieveHook
 - added forceSendHook
 - added forceCloseHook
 - added socketOpenHook
 - added socketCloseHook
 - removed PEPAPI V1 support, mostly
 - attempted to make work on Linux and Mac (untested)
 - GUI improvements
   - added "Server Options" window
   - added "Plugin Options" window (incomplete)
   - added "Port Options" window (incomplete)
 - fixed bugs
   - possibly fixed the "multiple hooked servers" bug? (not sure how, might be black magic. the bug should theoretically still be there, but tests indicate it's fixed)
   - fixed problem with data not being sent when a connection was still being fowarded
   - misc other bugs

If I get a Mac tester, I'll try and get Linux and Mac support into the next release.

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