Monday, May 14, 2012

Sitelocked SWF Loader

I just finished my SWF sitelock tool for loading sitelocked swfs offline.
This project is the precursor to the packet editor I'm going to make (vast quantities of this projects code can be recycled into my packet editor).
This loader should be able to load ~95% of sitelocked games. it has one or two limitations though:

It's currently windows only (I might make a linux option in the future. wouldn't be too hard. mac would be possible too).
Generally speaking, it can only load games held in a single .swf file. and it tends to break multiplayer games. Both of those are fixable, but it's probably not worth the effort.

Anyways, here's how you use it:

if for example, you wanted to load a sitelocked swf  offline from you would set "Server" to ""  and "Path" to "/folder/test.swf"
after you've set that up, just drag-and-drop the swf onto the loader to load it.

Note: most games only need to be loaded from the correct server and you can usually leave Path blank.

Here's a picture of me loading an unmodified, sitelocked Stick RPG Complete while not connected to the internet:

Note that Path doesn't actually have to be set to anything, I just did that to show it worked.

Download my SWF Sitelock Tool here:

Also, it's an AIR application, so you need AIR installed to run it.


Anonymous said...

how would you fix this for multiplayer games?

bmanatee said...

Well, with a few modifications I could get most multiplayer games being able to be loaded offline (usefull for editing any of the games external/internal assets), but you'd still require a connection to play the actual game.

Unknown said...

How do you use this??? I know it's noob, but i can't for the life of me figure it out. Where do i set the server/file path? All i see is a "Main.swf"... Seems bloons td 5 is more hassle than it should be...... Thanks for awesome programing so i don't have to :)

bmanatee said...

I'm assuming you're problem is that you don't know how to run it.
In the install directory (default windows dir: C:\Program Files (x86)\SitelockTool), there should be a file called SitelockTool.exe
Run that.

Unknown said...

The loader doesn't load the game. Just sits there with a white screen

Unknown said...

I know this is old af but uhh anyway you could update it to flash player 18? It works well still, just needs an update to latest flash player.

Anonymous said...

It don't seen to work anymore with most recent flash player version.

Can you update that your program?