Sunday, April 6, 2014

Things and Stuff

What on earth have I been doing for the last 6 months?
That's a pretty damn decent question.

Here's a rough overview:
  - I wrote an AS3-based SWF/AVM2 dis/reassembler that's blazingly fast.
  - I used that reassembler to make a fixed loader and a thing that makes all variables public, and it runs a lot faster and is more stable than the one or two public open source ones.
  - I wrote some fancy new SWF encryption/obfuscation technologies. They're not quite finished. But I found out how to beat all current decrypters, including memory dumpers for the foreseeable future ;)
  - I discovered a new, not-yet-documented hacking method for injecting code into SWFs, think class overriding but without inheritance problems
  - I wrote a magical, fully working program that once installed could potentially allow users access hacks for any flash game in-place on any site with the press of a single button. Need testers/hackers.
  - At some point I wrote an aimbot for an AS3 game using a mixture of bytecode modification, Loader-based variable modification and class overriding. Just thought I'd put it out there for the record. It can definitely be done, and with some of these new techniques I've found, it's not actually that difficult to make hacks with that kind of complexity.

Now, I really want to share these new, beautiful things around, but they're not quite ready for public release. I need some people to do some private testing.

So, if anyone is interested in learning some new things, seeing some awesome stuff and helping a brother out, flick me a message or your email/msn/skype/aim or something.

There's a lot of really awesome, mind-blowing flash hacking tools I want to create. I've been working on what I believe is the ultimate flash hacking platform. It's more awesome then you could possibly know, but I can't really put much more time into it unless I start getting support from people.


Unknown said...

I created a mod of a flash game but the author decided to put a loader for protection and so discovered your blog and the "Universal SWF Decrypter V3" that I have used to bypass the protection, then I'd be interested in these your new works

swfnerd said...

Hey there! I'd be glad to check out and help with testing your findings. I didn't met protection/encryption/obfuscation I couldn't break so far. My skype: swfnerd.

Lucris96 said...

Hello! I'm really interested about your projects and I want to help you and learn new stuff

bmanatee said...

@lucris96 give me some contact info (email/msn/skype/aim) and I'll get in touch with you

Lucris96 said...
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Patryk Waś said...
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sawa said...

I can help you with testing your new stuff on windows/mac.

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

Hey Bmanatee,

I couldn't much help but I can't offer my support by donating some extra money for your work or personal needs. Only if you can help me hack this game called "The Last Stand Dead Zone" cos I'm looking for a tool that can do the thing.


Davide said...

awesome blog!!! i would like to know if is possible to have your support for a job/ advice

Davide re

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi, I'm really interested about your projects and glad to help you with testing.

Zenwaichi said...

Hello Bmanatee I would like to work with you. I already have some experience, you can check out my profile here Zen's Profile . Please get in touch with me on konghack to exchange our mail/skype privately

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Acen said...

Late to the party, but you never know.

Those tools sound, helpful.

I'm trying to build a bot to a game called Trove - it's functioning, but things like Item IDs in the inventory are being difficult.

Funnily enough, they use Iggy UI, which uses SWF files to generate the whole UI of the game thus releasing goodies like this:


public function setSlot(param1:uint, param2:String, param3:String, param4:uint, param5:uint, param6:Boolean) : void
var _loc7_:Slot = this.getSlot(param1);
{ = param1;
_loc7_.objectName = param2;
_loc7_.quantity = param4;
_loc7_.showQuantity = param6;
_loc7_.rarity = param5;

I believe the above is happening as you click an item, and replace it with another in another inventory slot. Or just pick it up?

Possible to edit say the param5 from 0 to say 3? Or is that something that requires recompiling the file every time?

Also, NZ represent - Auckland here.

Unknown said...


Anyway to get in touch with you?
I have some difficulties in class overriding. I have been looking into this for days.
Thanks in advance.

GuidedHacking said...

I like your blog posts

Unknown said...

I would actually love to work with the creator of this blog..
I dont consider myself a 'Beginner' at Flash Hacking..
But im no expert either.. You seem to know a bit more than me
Such as Class overriding i am new to that.. As well as 'Reversing' The Loader in Mochicrypt
I Would have probably never thought of doing that.. If you want you can Check out my youtube
Channel it should pop up if you just search TheRealMuerte You will see some flash hacking tutorials that do show that i am not that good but i know more than the average.. From your tutorials im inspired to learn Even more about AS3 which i do by either testing random shit or creating my own games.. As well as tutorials and Decompiling others flash files to find out how certain things work and find new things to research on ... If you would like to contact me at

Thanks for taking the time to read this.. And hopefully you still check this blog..

Thop Team said...

If the site author still wanna help with private testing, contact me at

Unknown said...

package hello.bmanatee

public class IHopeYouStillRead extends thisBlog
private var myEmailAddress:String;

public function is:String
myEmailAddress = "";

public function contact_me:void



Anonymous said...

Hello Bmanatee,

I would like to help with testing out your projects and learning new things from you. Here is how you can get in touch with me: jimjones009 (at)

Thank you for your time,