Friday, April 12, 2013

The Future #3

So, I've been thinking about BPE a bit.
I'm thinking if I add UDP compatibility and add a few new hooks, I can make it automatically hook all new servers that are being connected to using some black magic. This could work as a partial solution for games that don't have static servers (think any game that has users host their own servers).
I'm going to need to make new plugin hooks that allow plugins to add server (and maybe port?) hooks for this to work, so I might add some functionality in for having different plugin "permissions".
Realistically, it would be incredibly easy to hack your way around any restrictions I put on the plugins, but it's worth trying out anyway. I might just add it as a programming exercise.
I don't have much spare time around uni, so it could take a month or two to add these features and write the plugin needed, but I think it's a pretty sound next step to take, that solves one of BPEs biggest drawbacks in some situations.
Progress is going to be slow for a while. Which is unfortunate, since this would be a pretty big update to add.


Unknown said...

Hi dude,

Can you make something new for BBH. A hack? Is is possible to remove someones verified email and exchange it with your own? If you have a wallet is it possible to increase the percent that flows in ( from 10% to maybe 40%)? Is it possible to find someones password? Is it possible to remove a account which is perma banned? Is it possible to tell if someone is online (so you wont duplicate them if you share accounts)

I know that those are a lot of questions! But it would be greatly appreciated if you could answer them. Any other hacks that are possible please tell me. BBH is kind of getting boring and I am awaiting something new like a hack. Please reply as soon as possible and tell me if any other thing is possible that no one has yet. Maybe change your name? Change the colour of text you talk it?

Anywaya you know what I mean.



bmanatee said...

In order of occurrence of question marks:
I could, but I won't, no, no, not easily/reliably, no, not really.
Many things are possible, but I have no plan on updating my BBH hack unless it gets patched, which it won't.
Hacking people's accounts is almost impossible. I would recommend giving up.
Changing your name is likely almost impossible.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

hey bmanatee,
i came here seeking the aimbot for boxhead bounty hunter for educational purposes.
i am a huge fan of your work and have been wondering how u did the aimbot .
Rest assured this aimbot will be for my hands only.Listen, i know that u didnt want to release it but please for educational purposes give it to me. As far as i know u have quit the game so please may i borrow the aimbot. Contact me via

thanks bmanatee for your time

Unknown said...

please help me hack this games