Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Future #2

I've been working on a few things recently. Had some brilliant and questionable ideas.
Here's my itinerary for the near-ish future:

I'm working on a new, far simpler than the alternatives fix for the stage access loader bug. I have a theory that seems 100% sound that should fix it. The same method I'll use in it can also theoretically fix addChild bugs for any and all proxy-overriden classes.
My plan is this:
Override the DisplayObjectContainer class (or stage class, but DisplayObjectContainer could also have the added benefit of fixing all addChild problems for proxy-overriden classes).
Modify the addChild method to fix any problems.
It wouldn't be too difficult, and if I make it work, I'll release a new overrider loader template base.

I'm working on a new, better Universal Decrypter. The old one has too many flaws. I'd estimate it currently works on about 80% of encrypted SWFs out there. I've found a better method, which should work on somewhere between 95-99% of encrypted SWFs currently in the wild.
The new method is slightly harder to detect, but much harder to block. It leaves a much smaller footprint, and is generally better, however it is also much more complicated.
I'm also planning on using the above fix to make it more compatible.

I've also got another project I've been working on, that I'm being a little secretive about. Not sure if anything will come of it, since even if it does work, it'll require custom-built "broken" SWFs, since the normal compiler won't let me do the hacks I need. I've been experimenting with circular extension, and doing a lot of crazy bytecode hacks to try and make this thing work.

I'm also looking into writing a Windows network driver for BPE, since IP hooks are easy in Linux/Mac but require a driver in Windows.

I start university soon, so I might get less productive. Be prepared.


Unknown said...

Excellent I cannot wait to see that new and improved Universal Decrypter!Maybe now I can play Robot Unicorn Attack offline..

bmanatee said...

Robot Unicorn Attack isn't encrypted. It has a weird loader, but the actual game isn't. It is however sitelocked.
Game SWFS: