Monday, January 28, 2013

Packet Editor Progress #7

It's been a while since I gave a progress update on BPE.
IP hooks (in the form of PreHook) are being added next release. unfortunately, for both hooks to work simultaneously, I have to re-design the entire hook system, which is why this release has been taking quite some time.
Since BPE was originally designed to only have one hook system, it makes things difficult because the server hooks and the port hooks were effectively the same body of code, and now need to be completely separated and mostly re-written (I'm splitting one class into about five to make it work).
There will be a "Server Manager" class that acts as an interface for the different hooks (including plugin interaction, which is controlled by the "Plugin Manager"), and a "Master Server" class that will organize the serversockets and pass connections through the different hooks as they come.

So, next release should fix the two most significant limitations of BPE: the multiple server hook bugs and not being able to hook IPs.

PEW files will probably start being implemented in the release after this next one. I'm focusing on fixing major bugs/limitations before adding new features.

And yes, I still need a Mac tester.
I'd also appreciate a Linux tester.

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