Thursday, November 1, 2012

A momentary lapse of progress

So, what's that running through your head right now? something on the lines of "Hey, Bmanatee, you haven't updated this blog in a while... are you dead? What's happening with BPE?" I bet. No? well, why the hell isn't it?

Anyway, BPE has been put on hold while I study for exams (I'll continue working on it near the end of November).
With any luck, strait IP hooks will be added next release (in the form of my pre-hook system). And hopefully I'll do some more work on PEW files, too.
When that's all done and dusted, and I feel the plugin system has been developed enough, I'll move from Pre-Apha phase to Alpha phase and start working on the analyzer part of BPE.

I'm also going to try and write some more complicated plugins for games when I get the time, maybe even a packet-based aimbot. Maybe I'll write a plugin for a game with some basic connection security (eg. data + hash, which would conventionally be nigh impossible to edit using a packet editor without completely replacing the packet).


liukyu21 said...

can u make a video how to hack boxhead bounty hunter for me ?

bmanatee said...

Go to and follow the instructions.
I don't have time to make a vid Right now.
Especially considering all you have to do is literally download, extract, open and play it.

MarvinCorp said...

Where do you even learn all these awesome stuff!? I'm really interested, so mind if you get me started on how and where you get your fancy ideas from?
I must say, good job :D

bmanatee said...

Most if the ideas I have come from me asking myself what I want/ what I would find useful. I started making BPE because other packet editors didn't offer the functionality I needed. It's damn frustrating when you're trying to hack a game via a packet editor, only to be thwarted by the simplest security, or not being able to change the length of the packet. So, I decided I wanted to make an extendable "packet editor", made more to be a platform to write and release hacks on than anything else.
I wanted to make it so if BPEs packet modification system wasn't advanced enough, or didn't support the things you needed it to, you could simply write/edit a plugin and add that functionality.
As for learning, I usually just tinker with things.
An example would be the BPE hook system, the thing that makes BPE possible in AIR.
After tinkering with the hosts file and Apache, I discovered my SRPG2 hack. Later, I used the same principle to write my "sitelocked SWF loader" which effectively works as a local HTTP server (taking the place of Apache in the original hack) and uses the hosts file to redirect the request. I then recycled that to become the hook system in BPE (using ServerSockets to bind ports, and the hosts file to redirect servers, then using the ServerSockets to proxy the data).

Also, stay tuned. Over the next few days, I'm gonna write a tutorial on the new flash hacking method I've discovered for AS3 games (It's pretty big. I could compare it functionality wise to AoBs, but it's far more geared to complex hacks/large modifications, which would otherwise be nearly impossible with AoBs).

MarvinCorp said...

Awesome! I'll be looking forward to it :D