Saturday, March 17, 2012

Universal Flash Variable Scanner

So, I had an idea for a universal swf variable scanner.
one that works on AVM1 (AS1/AS2) and AVM2 (AS3) swf's.

The main problem you face when attempting to create such a thing is that AVM1 swf's and AVM2 swf's have separate sandboxes.
AVM2 loaders CAN get and set variables in loaded AVM2 swf's.
AVM2 loaders CANNOT get and set variables in loaded AVM1 swf's.
However, there are ways to get around this.

You could theoretically make a universal scanner made up of an AVM2 loader and scanner and an AVM1 loader and scanner.

for scanning AVM2 swf's there is no problem:
AVM2 Master swf loads AVM2 movie and scans it.

But for AVM1 swf's, you have to get around sandbox issues.
My idea works like so:
AVM2 Master swf loads AVM1 Scanner.
AVM1 Scanner loads AVM1 movie.
AVM1 Scanner communicates with AVM2 Master swf using LocalConnection.
AVM1 Scanner scans AVM1 movie.

If you were smart, you could probably remove the need for communication between the AVM1 and AVM2 scanner parts and have them functioning pretty much completely independantly.

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